Quick Reality Check

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Okay, so here are the major world issues happening at the moment, just off the top of my head: Russian bombing of ISIS/Western proxy-mercs in Syria. US invasion of Syria via Special Forces. Saudi Arabia’s ongoing invasion of Yemen. Investigation of … Continued

Fascist New Year

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Well, here we are in 2012, that much-discussed so-called ‘doomsday’ year, and if recent events set the ‘tone’ for the year then we don’t have much to celebrate. Firstly, on December 31st 2011, US president Barack Obama authorised a new … Continued

Express Elevator to Hell

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I haven’t felt like blogging much lately. It seems that so many people out there say what I would in so much clearer and eloquent language, and yet the world circus freakshow bullshit train roars on at incredible velocity; a … Continued

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