The Solution to the Hatred of Identity Politics Is Psychological Knowledge

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[Note – This was originally published at – reposted here with permission.] © Brentcherry Identity politics is stupid. It divides humans into various arbitrary “identity groups” and then stops there. All analysis and understanding go no further than the … Continued

The Multicultural Roots of Australia

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Once again it is Australia Day, and once again, various commentators are extolling the virtues of flags and barbecues while ignoring Australia’s criminal treatment of refugees on Christmas Island, Manus Island and Nauru. A particularly heart-wrenching video was recently published showing … Continued


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Earlier this year, acclaimed author, historian, and general all-around polymath Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote an extremely interesting article entitled “Bizzaro World“. In it, she discusses the concept of doublespeak and doubletalk, described with those names by George Orwell and Andrew Lobaczewski … Continued

A ‘Migrant’ crisis of the West’s making

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Take a good look, Australia. We, more than nearly every other country in the world are responsible for what is happening in Europe at the moment, thanks to passive support of anti-immigration policies that attempt to demonise refugees fleeing from … Continued