The Multicultural Roots of Australia

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Once again it is Australia Day, and once again, various commentators are extolling the virtues of flags and barbecues while ignoring Australia’s criminal treatment of refugees on Christmas Island, Manus Island and Nauru. A particularly heart-wrenching video was recently published showing young children begging for release from captivity, describing the abuse and neglect they have been suffering for years while a pusillanimous bureaucracy has mostly ignored their plight and a pathological government has used them as a political weapon to divide the public and bolster support from racist authoritarian followers and naive idiots. The right-wing mainstream media has been following in lockstep with the government, catapulting propaganda at the domestic population and attempting to marginalise voices of compassion and empathy that dare to dissent against unjust and illegal policies.


If we peel back the layers of ideology though, we can ask the question: are these maneuvers doomed to fail in the long-term? A recently released video by BuzzFeed Australia highlights some interesting demographics of the Australian population, and shows that the racist governing tactics of an outdated, crumbling elitist structure are becoming increasingly less relevant to this outpost colony on the fringes of the anglo-American empire the more time passes.



As we can see, the notion of ‘white Australia’ is a pathetic anachronism that should be discarded by any clear-thinking individual. Geographically, and geo-strategically, Australia sits an ocean away from the centre of the empire, and economically, her major trading partners are located on the Eurasian continent, which is taking its rightful place in the 21st century as the continent that will steer the course of the future of the new multi-polar world order. China, for all the media fanfare about its economic ‘downfall’ since the beginning of 2016, is still expected to grow its economy by a ‘mere’ 6%, in contrast to the outlooks for the economies of the major imperial nations that present at ‘~2%’ (and that’s notwithstanding the potential for a complete collapse of the western economic system). India has not yet even begun to tap its economic potential (and is projected to grow by 5.2% in 2016), and the Russian economy will rebound strongly once the price of oil rises as predicted later this year.

The Eurasian Economic Union is moving from strength to strength, with even pathological nations like Israel seeking to sign free-trade zone agreements with it. And let’s not forget that Iran, having just disposed of sanctions that have artificially suppressed its economic growth for years, will be part of the ‘New Silk Road’ initiative that China is promoting as a potential economic juggernaut across Eurasia. Oh, and did I mention that the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank just opened for business this month?

Yes ladies & gentlemen, Eurasian integration is proceeding at a pace now that may soon go exponential.

Australia, for all its faults, has good relations with many of these countries. The recent entry into force of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (or ChAFTA, for short) has seen a massive groundswell of interest from all sectors of the economy, China being Australia’s major trading partner by a significant margin. Chinese tourism to Australia has also become a noteworthy economic earner for the country, and is expected to become even more so into the second-half of this decade.

Australia’s treatment of refugees and aboriginals are the major ‘black spots’ (no pun intended) on Australia’s international political reputation, although the various Middle-East wars we entered into at the orders of the empire have no doubt tarnished us somewhat as well. We need to address these.

Much is made of Australia’s multiculturalism by the nation’s ‘left’, with good reason. According to Wikipedia, Australia and Switzerland are the two countries with the highest proportion of immigrants in the western world. In Australia, 28.1% of the population was born outside of the country according to 2014 figures. Out of the top-ten countries for immigration, only 10% of that 28% can be considered to be from traditionally ethnically ‘white’ countries.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account multi-generational immigrant ethnicities. Nor does it take into account those of native aboriginal ancestry, who make up approximately 3-4% of the Australian population.

Sorry, ‘white’ Australians: we’re in the minority.

Of course, when ethnically ‘white’ people run most of the corporations and hold most of the political power, and have done since the colonisation of the continent, you can understand why some white people might have the perception that they ‘own’ the country. But possessive, greedy arseholes aren’t uniquely white. They’re found in all ethnicities around the world. As are psychopaths, who are attracted to money & power like moths to a flame.

It is an interesting question as to whether ‘white’ ethnicities contain a higher percentage of psychopaths in their populations than other ethnic groups. Most evidence to support this idea (such as the vast majority of serial killers being white) is circumstantial and anecdotal. More research needs to be done. Many of history’s greatest scientists and humanitarians have also been white, so this is clearly a complex issue that relates more to human biology and genetics than skin colour.

The various historical, biological and psychological reasons for ‘white privilege’ in Australia aside, the reality of our current demographic, economic and geostrategic status shows that Australia has many ethnic and cultural ties to many regional and global countries that could translate into a bonanza of economic and diplomatic benefits that would substantially grow the nation’s ‘soft power’.

For instance, did you know that many Chinese gold miners fought alongside Australians (and others) at the Eureka stockade? That martial arts legend Jackie Chan got his first name from the nickname “Little Jack” that he was given working as a construction worker in Canberra? Or that an Indian migrant named Pankaj Oswal became one of Australia’s billionaires? That at least a thousand Russian migrants were part of the ‘Diggers’ that fought in WWI (at least 150 fought at Gallipoli), and that there were more Russians in the army at that time than any other nationality except for Irish, British, and Australian?

Interesting, huh!

The rich, shared cultural heritage of this nation makes us potentially one of the best mediators in international affairs and diplomacy – just look at the reputation Switzerland built up by maintaining a policy of strict neutrality in conflicts (mostly). Sure, we might not have the biggest military or nuclear weapons, but we don’t need either if we make cooperation the keystone of our foreign policy.

On the subject of the armed forces, despite the Australian military’s historical reputation, the size of other regional military forces compared to ours makes conventional warfare a non sequitur in any large-scale conflict. The pursuit of ‘hard power’ is simply not a viable strategic option for Australia – and we have neither the population nor the economy to support it.

Of course, the nature of a pathocracy overrules such rational considerations. Military alliances are forged as an instrument of politics, and when politics is corrupted by psychopaths acting in the interests of themselves and their kind, the pragmatic pursuit of national interests tends to become a secondary concern. The agents of the empire have dictated the course of Australia’s foreign policy since at least the end of the Whitlam era. While a ‘pivot to Eurasia’ might be the most logical course, we should not expect the current power structure in Canberra to act decisively, or even reasonably.

Our current immigration policy is proof of this. Locking refugees (including women and children) up on island prisons for years while enriching private security corporations (whose employees rape and abuse the people they are supposed to be helping) at taxpayers’ expense really does point to a terminally-corrupt system that will only change when it is made to change.

As psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski wrote, about psychopaths in positions of power:

The following questions thus suggest themselves: what happens if the network of understanding among psychopaths achieves power in leadership positions with international exposure? This can happen, especially during the later phases of the phenomenon. Goaded by their character, such deviant people thirst for just that even though it ultimately conflicts with their own life interest, and so they are removed by the less pathological, more logical wing of the ruling apparatus. Such deviants do not understand that a catastrophe would otherwise ensue. Germs are not aware that they will be burned alive or buried deep in the ground along with the human body whose death they are causing.

Australia, we need to speak up en-masse about the inhuman and illegal policies of this government, or the likelihood is that events will follow the trajectory of the United States, the UK, and Europe: towards increasingly racist and xenophobic rhetoric by public figures and politicians, false-flags attacks that induce public compliance, the further legislative removal of what remaining freedoms we have, and ultimately, a fascist dictatorship run by a shadow government full of psychopathic perverts.

All done in the name of “keeping us safe”.

If, for some reason, that doesn’t sound bad enough, then consider what happened to the outposts of the Roman empire as the empire fell. Consider what happened to Nazi Germany in 1945 and their leaders at the Nuremberg trials. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

So, spend some time to think today about the plight of those refugees waiting on Christmas Island, Manus Island, and Nauru, and consider that their best interests may also be in Australia’s best interests. What kind of country would you like them to come to?

Happy Australia Day.

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