A ‘Migrant’ crisis of the West’s making

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Take a good look, Australia. We, more than nearly every other country in the world are responsible for what is happening in Europe at the moment, thanks to passive support of anti-immigration policies that attempt to demonise refugees fleeing from wars that were fully backed by Australian governments who cravenly kowtowed to the bloodthirsty anglo-American empire. The psychopaths in power in this country are marching in lockstep behind their psychopathic masters’ diktats that Middle-Eastern countries are to be laid waste for the purposes of gaining profit and power. And, like most of the other relatively-affluent ‘first-world’ countries of the West, the majority of the population of this country continues to believe the ‘reality’ that this is all being done in the name of keeping said populations ‘safe’ from bogus ‘terrorism’ that in real reality is being perpetrated by the same group of psychopaths.

Wake up to yourselves. The nauseating anti-immigration rhetoric that sequential Australian governments have pushed for decades now has done nothing but reinforce inhuman policies that are causing death and suffering on a massive scale. As Joe Quinn writes:

In the last 4 years, the ‘creatures’ in the American government and their European stooges deliberately destroyed the societies of Syria and Libya, partly for profit, partly for ‘fun’. So go ahead and be horrified at the images of Syrian (or Iraqi or Libyan) babies washed up on European beaches; just don’t be surprised. And don’t be surprised when your apathy-turned-compassion transforms into intolerant bigotry whenever some ‘terrorist’ among the ‘migrants’ kills some European(s) in another typical false-flag attack. That’s what false-flags are designed for – to manipulate you – and humans are so very easily manipulated.

Most self-satisfied ‘neo-liberal’ Westerners have swallowed (and are currently regurgitating) the ‘feel-good’ narrative that the ‘migrants’ are both a danger and a compliment to Europe’s ‘high democratic ideals’ and lifestyle. If I could offer such people one piece of advice, it would be that rather than fretting about the situation, they feel grateful that the only blow-back they must endure from their government’s actions is the odd ‘migrant’ child or family washed up on their pristine beaches. Because if this were some other universe where the truth was universally recognized, we all might be required to look at the thousands of Syrian babies killed in the US- and EU-inspired Syrian ‘revolution’ to overthrow Assad, and concede that behind the feel-good narrative of ‘freedom and democracy’, those babies were killed for ‘fun’, and in your name. Then we could move on to the tens of thousands of dead Iraqi babies…

Read the whole article in its entirety – it contains important information.

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