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The news cycle is traveling at such a fast and furious pace these days that a person could probably write a book on any particular topic that has been the subject of more than one news article in the last two weeks. Within this torrent of news, there have been several interesting items that I think merit closer attention. Firstly, there was this story from the ABC: Parents fear for teenage son lured by militant group then named as Mossad spy

Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine features an article on 19-year-old Mohammed Msallam, who it accuses of working for Israeli spy agency Mossad.

His parents Hind and Saeed Msallam are reeling in shock.

For this Palestinian family, the accusation is a great insult. For their son, it is probably a death sentence.

The couple said Mohammed asked to borrow about $100 for a training course last August but then disappeared.

When they reported him missing to the police, they were told that he had flown out of the country, bound for Turkey.

His parents said he was a mild-mannered boy who completed his Israeli national service by joining a fire-fighting unit.

The next they heard from him, he had joined the extremists of Islamic State in their de facto capital, Raqqa in Syria.

The photos he sent show him dressed in black, festooned with clips of ammunition, holding an assault rifle he could probably barely shoot.

He had been recruited over the internet.

It didn’t take long for things to turn sour. In an internet video chat, he asked his parents to send money so he could come home.

“He said, mum, they promised me a house, a wife and a good future,” Hind Msallam said.

“They described this place as paradise and when I got there, I had nothing, all of their promises were a mirage.”

The family sent $200 to someone in Egypt but heard nothing from Mohammed.

Then a man using a Turkish phone number called with chilling news.

“I was surprise when I talked to this man,” Saeed Msallam said.

“He told me on the phone that my son was trying to cross to Turkey, he was arrested by ISIS, now he is captured by ISIS.”

The caller said he saw Mohammed in a prison, which held a large number of children, in Tal Abbyad, a Syrian border town south of the Turkish city of Sanliurfa.

Then, last week, the latest issue of Islamic State’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq, hit the internet.

It included an article that made the Msallam family fear the worst.

It featured photos of Mohammed in its “Interview with a Spy for the Israeli Mossad” story.

In it the boy from Jerusalem allegedly detailed his recruitment by his father and brother – allegations they strenuously deny.

His father said his son clearly fell out with the militia.

“This is why ISIS is accusing my Mohammad of being a spy because he wanted to leave them, he escaped and was captured in a checkpoint controlled by ISIS,” Saeed Msallam said.

Those of you who know anything about psychopaths know that they often accuse others of doing what they themselves intend to do (or have been doing). With this in mind, consider once again that the leadership of ISIS accused (and very likely tortured or threatened a false confession out of) this young Palestinian Israeli man – someone who felt strongly enough about their cause to go and fight for them – of being a Mossad spy. This suggests at the very least, that the Mossad have infiltrated ISIS/ISIL/IS/The Western ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ of proxy mercenaries going ‘off script’ /whatever they are calling themselves this week.

When one also takes into account various other reports about how certain Israeli intelligence analysts seem to get ‘behind-the-scenes’ access to videos and propaganda material from IS, combined with the sophisticated cyber-attacks attributed to IS over the last few months, one naturally tends to wonder exactly how much influence the Mossad have within IS… or even if the Mossad are manipulating the entire IS leadership to suit their own agenda.

Another Mossad-related news item was that, according to leaked documents, Israeli soon-to-be-ex-PM-Netanyahu’s claims on Iran’s nuclear program contradicted Mossad findings:

Netanyahu [in]famously declared to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2012 that Iran was 70 percent of the way to completing its “plans to build a nuclear weapon,” and drew another “red line” at 90 percent, claiming Tehran’s first bomb would be ready “by next spring, at most by next summer.”

However, leaked Mossad documents suggest the country was much further from such development.

According to Spy Cables – a cache of hundreds of leaked secret intelligence papers from all over the world, published by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit in collaboration with the Guardian newspaper – at the time of Netanyahu’s statement, Israel’s intelligence service concluded that Iran was not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons, estimating that Iran had 100 kilograms of uranium enriched to a level of 20 percent.

Even though Iran has accumulated enough 5 percent enriched uranium for several bombs, and has enriched some of it to 20 percent, it does not appear to be ready to enrich it to higher levels. It is allocating some of it to produce nuclear fuel for the TRR [Tehran Research Reactor], and the amount of 20 percent enriched uranium is therefore not increasing,” said the secret report, which Mossad shared with South Africa’s State Security Agency a few weeks after the prime minister’s UN speech.

So… over two years later, the Mossad decides to admit the blatantly obvious – that Iran was only using its nuclear program for peaceful purposes at the time of Netanyahoo’s hysterical warmongering – but they do it in such a way so as to influence Israeli domestic politics. This strongly suggests that ‘someone’ or ‘someones’ behind Netanyahu has/have decided he has become a liability to their agenda, and can be, at the very least, ‘sent a message’ regarding his performance. It seems the Mossad no longer particularly care about whether Netanyahu loses the election, so this does not bode particularly well for his chances, considering the domestic discontent in Israel, his heavy-handed political tactics and his wife’s bizarre corruption scandal.

Anyway, leaving the subject of Israel for the moment and moving on, the next item to consider is a video of a man getting brutally gunned-down by police in the US (Warning: disturbing footage)

Clearly, police violence has reached new extremes in the US. Although the victim in this case had a criminal history and may have been mentally unbalanced, you can clearly see that he posed no threat and that the police had no interest in restraining him in a non-lethal manner. It seems a ‘seige mentality’ is beginning to set in with the police and the public (especially the poor) in that country – both sides feel like the other is waging war upon them, yet the real perpetrators are the psychopaths (predominantly on the police side) who cannot resist their insatiable cravings for dominance and control. The message is becoming louder and more overt from the ‘enforcement’ arm of the anglo-American pathocracy: those who refuse to obey (consciously, or simply in a knee-jerk, reactive way) will be destroyed.

Another incident that seems more overtly race-related occurred in Paris, where a group of soccer fans refused to allow a black man to board a metro train, while chanting racist epithets and slogans. A follow-up article was soon posted: Racism victim snubs Chelsea offer to attend match at Stamford Bridge. If you look at the article on the ABC website, the headline has since been changed to “Racism victim declines Chelsea offer to attend match at Stamford Bridge”, but the hyperlink text remains the same. Really? “Snubs”? Did this guy say something really rude?

However, Souleymane told French newspaper Le Parisien: “I appreciate [Chelsea manager] Mr Mourinho’s invitation, but I can’t get my head around being in a stadium at the moment.”

Ouch! OMG! What a vicious ‘snubbing’! I think I’ll take this opportunity to ‘snub’ the idea of not using my little piece of the Internet to point out the complete idiocy (not to mention implied racism) of that original headline. No surprise that it was quickly changed.

Moving to a more global focus, a UK House of Lords committee released a report calling for the appointment of an ambassador for the Arctic. Interestingly, they stated that:

The UK needs to up its game or risk being outmaneuvered in the region by other states


This suggests that powerful people in the UK consider that the Arctic region has suddenly become geopolitically important for them. I’ll go into this more in another post. I think that perhaps it has something to do with climate change, and the onset of a new Ice Age – despite the report talking all the usual mainstream ‘science’ hokum about ‘global warming’.

Then, there’s the delightful story about a deadly bacteria leakage from a research center in Covington, Louisiana, in the United States:

However, there is still no explanation of how the deadly bacteria got to the hospital from the supposedly secure laboratory on the North Campus. USA Today describes the laboratory as a “biosafety level 3” facility with a “wide range of high-tech safeguards, physical barriers and procedures” that are supposed to ensure dangerous pathogens remain contained.

Government officials haven’t divulged any details of the investigation, but experts interviewed by USA Today say human error is the most likely cause. CDC sources told the paper that Tulane’s laboratories were last inspected in December 2013, and no “significant problems” were reported at the time.

One particularly interesting story was the launch of a new Russian social networking platform:

A Russian NGO has announced plans to launch a nationwide social network specially designed to fight bribery and corruption.

The new service will be available at the Cyrillic address www.?????????.?? (which means “no to bribes” in Russian). The project was launched by the National Institute for Research of Global Security, which claims that the social network will give its users more chances to combat corruption than they would have otherwise.

However, the new project will have one major difference from existing social networks – a complete lack of anonymity. Membership will only be granted by invitation from existing members, and even when this condition is met, the institute that launches the project promises to open accounts only after verifying the identity of potential members in real life.

The users will have to provide a lot of details about themselves – from name and date of birth, to place of work, e-mail and phone numbers. The people launching the project say that this is a necessary measure to prevent attempted slander, which they see as the main danger threatening their network.

A non-anonymous social networking platform? Perhaps someone has finally worked out a way to get rid of social network trolling for good!

On a slightly tangential topic, the NGO in question, the National Institute for Research of Global Security, has some interesting publications. One example is this article on the subject of joint nuclear arms reduction between Russia and the United States. The author, V. Kozin, writes:

Washington should renounce its plans to implement not only the fourth, but all the other phases of the EPAA [NATO-European missile defence system deployment plan] as well. This means the second phase, which has already started, as well as the third, and not only the fourth, as proposed by certain Western and, unfortunately, a number of Russian experts. If Washington cancels implementation of the fourth phase only, it will not meet the national security interests of the Russian Federation. In this case the US and NATO MD system will be deployed anyway. Instead of thinking how to encircle Russia with nuclear and missile defence weapons, the American side should think about how, together with our country and other interested states, to prevent “meteorite rains” from falling down on our planet.

This is not a point of view one sees often publicly declared from research organisations. Perhaps incidents such as this are gaining more serious attention for the subject of planetary comet or meteorite defense?

Also, on the subject of Russia, there has also been a foul incident recently where a Russian politician named Boris Nemtsov was murdered in what appears to be a targeted contract killing. I won’t go into it now, but suffice it to say that it seems likely that there was a political motivation behind the killing aimed at insinuating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s involvement due to Nemtsov’s past criticism of Putin.

Interestingly, RT.com published an article on the basic details of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces not long after publishing news of Nemtsov’s assassination. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

And last, but certainly not least, rest in peace Leonard Nimoy.


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