Dear Mr. Putin

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Dear Mr. Putin,

As an Australian citizen, I would like to offer my heartfelt apologies for the disgusting behaviour of this country’s foul and puerile excuse for a Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. His comment today that he would physically assault you at the G20 summit in November must surely rank as one of the most inappropriate and impolite things ever said to a fellow leader of a sovereign nation, especially when the two nations have a history of warm relations and fair trade.

You probably already know this, but please allow me to explain somewhat.

Australia is, and has been for a long time, the political puppet of the United States, Israel, and of course, England. Nothing our politicians (and indeed, most of our media) say here really reflects the views of the majority of Australians. We are run by the same pathological oligarchy that runs all western (and westernized) countries – the Anglo-American empire. Of course, we bear no small amount of blame for the situation being what it is, but, as you can probably imagine, the deviants that have manipulated their way to power here exhibit extreme cunning, amongst other repugnant traits.

Please bear in mind that some of us here (perhaps many of us) do not believe the lies spun by the government whores in the mainstream media, and know that American-backed Ukrainian coup forces in Kiev were involved in the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, and that Russia’s actions in the region have been purely in self-defense and in defense of the people of Ukraine; providing humanitarian assistance and caring for their welfare.

In fact, Russia has provided one of the few examples of a world power successfully defeating the covert machinations of the CIA and other western so-called ‘intelligence’ agencies – something that provides much-needed joy, relief, and hope to many who struggle for freedom against the ‘man behind the curtain’ (to paraphrase the movie “The Wizard of Oz”). To see the ‘leader’ of a puny young nation such as Australia attempt to bully and bluster the leader of a nation with a rich cultural history that has weathered the storms of war for decades, well, it’s not only laughable (it’s completely obvious that you would kick his ass), but embarrassing to those of us with some sense of shame and dignity. We, the people of Australia, are better than this prime-ministerial cretin.

Know that you will be welcomed here in spirit, if not presence, by many of us around this country when you arrive for the G20 summit, and we would muchly enjoy any witty retorts you might have that would put that sycophantic little US-Israeli-English-arse-licker in his place.

Again, my most sincere apologies – please know that not all Australians are so lacking in politeness, courtesy, and hospitality. Some of us have great admiration for Russia and the stance it is taking against the pathocratic Anglo-American empire. Know that, even if our government and media say otherwise, you have friends and supporters here.

Best wishes,


Ryan Jones

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